Super cute read!

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I have never read the iconic book by Louisa May Alcott, so I didn't know what to expect by reading New Beginnings. Actually, I did not have any expectations at all! I think this helped going in, as sometimes with retellings, we have certain expectations, and if they're not met, we are left disappointed, and the book does not get the review and rating it deserves.
This was a super cute read for me. I really enjoyed it, but it is definitely a one time read for me. I enjoyed how close knit the family was, especially the sisters, and how they supported each other through everything. It's almost a dream family there, with all the love and care and genuine kindness they demonstrated for each other.
I think the cover of this book is beautiful and it really stands out. It definitely drew my eye immediately. I am a person who picks out a book based on its cover, so I feel this book will get picked up by many to check out just based on the cover.