Little Women Remix

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I did not read the original, classic Little Women or I just don't remember reading it. However, I do like remixes on classics and decided to read this book. The main thing that drew me to this book was the Black women on the cover and the Black author. They alone caught my attention. Morrow adapted to the circumstances of newly free Balck women in 1863-1867. The names of the characters are lovely. This book is truly Black Gitl Magic. I'm also interested in a different perspective on a classic when the characters are completely different. This book will open your eyes to the Black side of the story, which I'm sure has never been taught. Even though I have not read or remember reading the original Little Women, I've read other reviews that said Morrow was true to the original story. But how, if the first Little Women were white. Well that's the brilliance that is Bethany Morrow.