OK but lacked depth

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Snow has an interesting premise......two old hunting buddies stumble upon an empty downed plane. Empty of people that is. Plenty of "snow" (cocaine) in the back and plenty of temptation after finding it to create even better lives for themselves. But things begin going awry almost immediately. There are a couple of close calls with a bear, their Indian guide is stunned when the men steal (and then dump) his pick up truck and leave their horses to be attacked by the bear. Local law enforcement is involved, Federal law enforcement is interested, and, of course, the "owners" of the cocaine are very eager to find the men who have taken what is theirs. The writing is good, and I liked the story but found myself wishing that I knew the characters better. Simple greed and CYA is too simple an explanation with so many 'moving parts' and the ending ties things up a little too neatly. Overall, worth the read but lacking in depth.