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Skyjack is an action-packed book that takes some time to tie all it's narratives together.
Thea Paris, a bad ass kidnap and ransom expert, is on a plan taking two children soldiers to an adoptive family in London. This task is diverted when teh plan is skyjacked by Pompero a man she has worked with before. Thea must unravel the many layers of this mystery that becomes more and more complicated in order to get these boys home.
The book has short chapters make it an easy read but it also has its downfall. It takes a hundred pages for the stories to become coherent and for the chapters to give adequate plot movement within each chapter. But once the story really starts to flow, it's hard to put down.
I really like Thea as a heroine and teh majority of other characters are compelling. The only downside is there is unrequited love thrown in. I am sure a lot of people like a small romance, but I like my action thrillers to be active and not dragged down by relationships.
Overall, Skyjack was five hundred times better than I thought and kept me guessing throughout the book. I recommend this read to anyone who wants a little action in their lives.