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This is one action-packed kidnap and random thriller! I especially liked that the main character, Thea Paris, is very much a modern female action hero. She is human, relatable, smart, and strong. It was enjoyable to root for a woman who was involved in physically demanding and dangerous situations such as high speed motorcycle chases, hostage negotiations, and shootouts with bad guys. Thea is a highly trained hostage negotiator, and she uses both brains and physical skill throughout the book.

I also liked that this book is comprised of many short chapters, with some only a few pages long. I found it fit the fast pace and multiple characters. There was so much going on and the plot kept being revealed in more detail with each chapter. It was easy to visualize all of the action and I think this would be a great movie. There are many interesting secondary characters and so many pieces to the situation that continues to unfold and grow in scope as the book progresses. Although this is the second book in a series, it can be read as a standalone.