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Strikers Force

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Marie Lu has been a very reliable author. Her books are filled with good details and are entertaining. I have loved every book she has publish and this book is no exception.

This book is set in a future world where Mara is the only free Nation left that hasn’t been taken over by the Federation. The Federation has mutant humans called Ghosts and Talin is part of the Strikers who are trained to protect Mara. I enjoyed a nice twist I haven’t read before in a book. The main character because of her past is left speak less. Instead of speaking she signs to people around her. This doesn’t affect too much in the book as far as reading it because it is just writing as dialoged and instead of, she said, or I said, it’s she signed, or I signed. Even though it didn’t change much I liked the added depth it gave to the book.

Marie Lu did a great job developing another entertaining plot. Sad to say this book is my least favorite of all her books but it is still a book I would recommend. This book is more focus on the action and less on the character side of things like her other books. Even with that being said the characters were still well developed. You understood the reasons they acted a certain way and knew their motives. She also has a good pacing in revealing information’s about the characters and about the background information of the main character. I’m just not as devoted to the characters as I would like to be. I hope this changes in the second book.

I really enjoyed the action in this book. There was little time when something new wasn’t happening. From the very beginning I was pulled in. I hate when it takes forever to get to what the book is actually about, and you feel like you could have skipped the first 50 pages. This book wasn’t one of those. Every word is needed.

The only reason this isn’t my favorite of her books is because with all her others there were so many moments where something was revealed, and I felt my heart stop. In her other books there is constant twist I hadn’t seen coming. In this book there might have been one or two of those but for the most part what happened was expected. But I still thoroughly enjoyed Sky hunter.

And I personally am not a fan of the cover, but I hear a lot of people love it, so it could be just me.

This book does leave off in a cliff hanger and so I can’t wait till the second book is released!