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Really enjoyed it!

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4 stars
This was surprisingly my first Marie Lu book so I went into it not having any high or low expectations.

Skyhunter is about Talin, a former Basean who was forced by The Federation to flee to Mara. There they take her in and she trains to be a Striker for Mara and to push Karensa from ruling their land. One day, a Federation soldier is caught fleeing but there is something mysterious about him; he could be the weapon that saves them.

I feel that the plotline is a little predictable, but then again all YA books are similar in structure.

I think the characters were very unique and compelling. Talin was robbed of her voice and could only communicate with sign language. This doesn't stop her from being a strong fighter though.
Redlyn is a very interesting, well written character, but I feel they trusted him too easily. Why didn't he try fighting back against Talin? How did he trust her so easily? I think more conflict would have made the story more intense and nerve-racking.

I also hoped the book would talk more about the ghosts and when they started converting them. How the scientists made these discoveries.

Overall it was a fast paced, action filled read and it ended with me wanting more and I can't wait to read Marie Lu's other books!

Also the cover art is beautiful!