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Well, first of all, I LOVE MARIE LU!! She is such an amazing author and I love all of the books that she writes!! Also, this book is so amazing. I love the setting of the scene and the developing of the emotional connection that Talin has to Corian (wait, Corien?? Idk) and how much she appreciates and truly, truly, loves her shield and best friend. A lot of the books with first looks I see don’t much get me wanting to read the entire book, but this one most certainly does. I love what Talin realizes as she knows what she must do (as in kill her best friend) as she sees him struck by the Ghost. This book has me definitely reeling on my tiptoes and wanting to read the entire thing. I LOVE THIS BOOK. Man, I love Marie Lu. She is SUCH a great writer. The cover is also, as always, always, super great and will surely be an eye turner as people see them on the shelves.