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Marie Lu does it again!!

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Ok first off let me just say that I love love love Marie Lu!! She is an amazing writer and I love everything she has ever written. She is one of the few authors out there that I know I will read anything she puts out, even with no knowledge of the book. Well this book is no exception to that rule. She has done it again!! This book is everything I love in my YA books!! Strong characters, true friendships, and an epic battle. I love the main character Talin and I love that ended up having a disability and not only adapted to it but came out even better and stronger with lots of fight in her. That was a nice refreshing take on a character. I love seeing that. I am a big fan of Jeran and Aramin’s love story. The ending left it open to a sequel and knowing Marie Lu, I’m sure there will be one... if not more than one. I’m so looking forward to that. “A broken world. An overwhelming evil. A team of warriors ready to strike back.” If you’re a Marie Lu fan then this is not to be missed!!