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I’m not even going to lie, even though this had a gorgeous cover it wasn’t really on my radar. But, then I saw the hardcover and how beautiful it was so I rented an ebook from my library and started reading to determine if I needed a copy on my shelf, haha.

Don’t judge me!

Even though I didn’t know much about this book, I was still stucked in from the beginning. The way that the author describes the Ghosts are terrifying and yet intriguing, but mostly terrifying!

The author also doesn’t skip out on plot twists either. There was one right from the beginning and even though I hadn’t been reading for long I still found myself saddened.

The plot is filled with war, political games, crazy experiments, and refugees who are trying to make things work while others look down on them and call them rats. Some of these things can be found in our world and even though this is fiction, it’s still a reality for many.

Talin, the main character, is a refugee and is also mute. I don’t think I have ever read a book where a character is mute. It made for an interesting experience when it came to the dialogue but I don’t think it was confusing since the author did make sure to state whenever they were signing their words.

When it comes to her being a refugee, she is looked down upon and many refer to her as a rat and a spy by her own people. She walks a fine line each day but it still didn’t stop her from becoming a Striker and fighting for people that would probably rather see her dead. It’s just crazy how she has so much strength and courage to do what she says but she is loyal and wants change. It’s very admirable.

The minor characters do not feel so minor and fill the pages with their own stories. I liked learning more about each one and hoping that nothing bad happened to them when everything was getting intense.

There is a mysterious prisoner but I won’t say much because I don’t want to give anything away because it’s better to be surprised! He is very intriguing and has a hard background. There definitely could be a romance blossoming between him and Talin but nothing happens in this book and I’m sure there will be more in the sequel.

My only complaint I would make is that sometimes the timeline just felt a bit off. There was a part where I thought it was a few days and it ended up being weeks. This could be me and maybe I missed read something. I’m not sure. There are also flashbacks that would appear in the middle of a chapter and would confuse me a bit too. Other than that, I think the writing was done well.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and glad I gave it a chance. I am looking forward to the sequel because quite the plot twist bomb was dropped at the end and I need to know what becomes of it!