Has everything you could ever ask for out of a book!

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This book was amazing, and I expected nothing less. Marie Lu has never failed me yet, and this book is no exception. I want to start of this review by saying that I definitely recommend. And not just this book, but all of her books.

As for Skyhunter, it has everything you could ever ask for out of a book: Amazing characters, gripping plot, intricate relationships, fascinating world, fast paced, gripping style, etc. Let’s break those things down, shall we?

Characters: I love all of our main characters, and even the side characters. Each had their own unique personality and story that I could connect with them. All were very dynamic and fun to read about. I love our strong female protagonist and her equally talented friends. Throughout the story we could see our characters develop and grow. We continued to connect with the characters throughout the book and learn about who they are. They felt like real people, and I loved them.

Relationships: Marie Lu did an amazing job with creating detailed and realistic relationships. I left involved with them. There was also a wide variety of different types of relationships. We had friendships, romantic relationships (I can’t wait for the expanse of this), and relationships between family members. Some of the relationship types weren’t always in a good way, but they were all complex. Again, it was an amazing aspect of the book.

World: The world building was excellent. It was immersive and detailed. I felt like it was an actual complex world. The social structure and government was easily understood but still unique. We understood why the world is the way it is, and I really appreciated that. I fell in love with the strikers and felt connected to this group. *round of applause*

Style/Pace: I love Marie Lu’s style, so much so that she is my favorite author. It’s detailed enough that we can picture the scene in our mind, but not to the extent that we feel the need to skim. In fact, she writes in a way that we want to soak up every word. Her writing style packs a punch emotionally. The way she structures sentences and the words she chooses makes certain scenes so heart hitting. The pace of the story was perfect. Not too fast and not too slow. It wasn’t like we were speeding through events just to get to the end or struggling through to get a few extra pages. We were able to feel the natural progression of events. I also really like the fact that Marie Lu doesn’t use profanity. It makes it so that we can just enjoy the story.

I can’t wait for the Sequel!