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This book was a great Y/A dystopian read. In recent years, I've shied away from that genre but I think this book is going to bring me back!

This book had such a great, strong female lead which I loved. The characters and their relationships were amazing and I was hooked. I fell in love with Talin and I found this book rather easy to read. It was packed with action and was adrenaline filled, never slow really even though it wad packed with detail and world building. The concept of this book was something completey different which I really enjoyed.

This would be a great books for fans of Marie Lu's other works, which I also loved (She was one of my faves in middle school)! I loved her writing style and I think the book flowed great. I am already so eager to read the next book which I hope will come out soon! I know many of us are anticipating her next release as well!