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Definitely buying this book!

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From the first chapter of this novel, I was hooked. The prologue sets a mysterious and slightly terrifying tone to the novel, which is reinforced throughout the rest of the story.

The novel is set in a fantasy world, where the nation of Mara and an organization called the Federation are at war. The protagonist, Talin, is part of an elite fighting force called Strikers that protects the nation of Mara.

Besides the premise of the story, I was extremely interested in Talin, our protagonist. She is hated and looked down upon by her peers for two reasons: she is a different race, and she is mute. Despite being unable to talk, Talin is an incredibly strong and determined protagonist, and is also very easy to relate to. In just the first impression, we are able to see how she deals with grief in a very human way. Too often, fictional characters are placed on pedestals and are hard to relate to, but that is not the case here.