Another Great YA from Marie Lu!

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I love Marie Lu and have read her other books as well. I actually enjoyed this one much more than the Legend series, which I also liked. The storyline was fairly predictable and felt familiar as I have read other YA books that had similar plots, yet I still really loved this one. The characters were standout because they were engaging and had depth. They really made me feel the feels with them and not all characters have that ability so I appreciate that Lu can give her characters so much dimension. I am anxious to read the next book as I would have liked a little more relational development, but I am guessing that is being saved for the next book. The story itself is a dystopian setting that is gritty and doesn't stray away from some really brutal aspects. Talin is fearless and strong and pretty admirable as a protagonist. The imagery of the story is compelling and I really felt immersed in the story.