Another great Marie Lu story

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I am never disappointed by Marie Lu! Sky Hunter follows Tarin, a soldier for her home country Mara that is up against the dominant Karensa and their mutated monsters called Ghosts. Ghosts sound absolutely terrifying in this harsh dystopian world and this alone had me rooting for Tarin straight away! But also, Lu is masterful in her character development, making them always sympathetic and extremely likable. That is one of the strengths of this story—the characters draw you in as much as the plot and fast-paced action.
Overall, Lu is a wonderful writer who has a way of writing with clarity and descriptions that aren’t overly flowery. I love this best about her writing and reading her stories.
I would definitely recommend this one to anyone who is a fan of her writing, as well as anyone looking for another world to escape into. The fast pace and great world building allow for fantastic escapist reading!