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Amazing YA read

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This book was full of emotions and excitement. Marie Lu is a total genius, I really loved how she portrayed the science in this story, every aspect of the book was smartly written, the plot, the characters, the story, it kept me on the ebdge of my seat all through out the whole entire book... l immediately fell in love with the characters, Tallin, she is resilient, inspiring and brave and most amazing of all she had an amazing group of friends that had her back, I have to give her props for not taking this story to the typical love fantasy trope.
I have to say that I probably wouldn't have picked this book on my own because a sci-fi, Dystopian, futuristic book is not my usual go to book, but boy am I glad i did. After i finished I realized that it continues and I cant wait to read the next and see how the story unfolds.

This is my second read by this author and I find it absolutely Amazing and fulfilling, this author takes my emotions to the right place and keeps them there.

Everyone has to pick up this book and read it right NOW.