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A Great Start to a YA Dystopian Adventure

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This book got off to a great start. There's a really thrilling action scene that begins almost right away, so it feels easy to get sucked into the story. The dystopian theme is described well so that the world of "Skyhunter" is established immediately. The setting and some of the characters reminded me a bit of "Divergent" - there's a theme of trying to fight the powers that be and being held down by an oppressive government.

The main character is also interesting - a young girl from the 'wrong side of the tracks' who has been trained to kill the monsters that roam around the city. What happens on one of these kill missions in particular sets off a string of events that make the novel feel compelling and exciting. I was also really interested to see how the rules of the world would impact the main character. And now I'll have to check out the book to read the rest of what happens because I'm definitely intrigued!