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3.5 stars rounded to 4

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The Karensa Federation conquered most of the countries on the continent with only the country of Mara still standing independent and fighting the Federation. But with the Federation's superior weapons, including Ghosts (mutant zombie-like humans), it's only a matter of time before Mara falls too. The Strikers are elite fighters who are the last defenders of Mara.

The main heroine, Talin, is one of the Strikers. She is also a refugee who came to Mara with her mother when her country was conquered by the Federation. Despite being a member of the elite group, she is looked down on by Mara's citizens because of her refugee status. After defying her commander, Talin is assigned to a prisoner of war and the soldier of the Federation, Red, who could be either a spy or Mara's only chance to defeat the Karensa Federation.

Marie Lu is a master of creating captivating stories with compelling characters and Skyhunter is no exception. And even though I didn't love Skyhunter as much as Warcross, I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.