Gripping from the Beginning

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Marie Lu does it again with an opening story-line that pulls the reader in and a climactic teaser that leaves you riveted and wanting more.

Talin is already a relatable character in this excerpt. She is strong, flawed, hearing impaired and laden with being a part of an outcast people. I am thoroughly impressed with Lu's ability to bring a character with the inability to speak and incorporate sign-language as the main means of communication in the Striker force. The monstrous Ghosts and post-apocalyptic feel is exactly what I love in my books and this one has it all so far. Even the underlying themes are reminiscent of current events with the refugees seeking asylum and racial issues.

The cover is also beautiful and I'm intrigued to find out how it ties into the plot. It's the first thing that caught my eye and made me want to know more. Overall, an excellent teaser that has me hyped to keep going and find out what happens with Talin's position with the Striker's (and the secrets of the prisoner of war). This is high on my list to finish.