The perfect read for fans of Attack on Titan

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I've read Marie Lu's previous dystopian story, Legend and wow, she has improved a lot. I really disliked Legend, but unlike it, I really enjoyed this book.
I enjoyed the characters, Talin was a pretty interesting main character, she felt very fleshed out, and I really liked her relationship with her friends and mother. The fact that she didn't speak was a very unique trait, and it's the first time I've seen a character like that in a book.
I think Talin's mother was my favorite character, she was soft yet fierce, and I enjoyed the prominent presence of a parent on a YA story.
Red was the male main character, I felt kinda indiferent towards him, but he wasn't badly written. He had a backstory that made his motivation very clear.
The setting was very interesting, a post apocaliptic kinda world where it wasn't known what had happened with the previous civilization and with a new one that emerged from the remnants of the knowledge they could gather.
It was very action packed, war is a prominent theme, and Lu didn't shy away from the horrors of it. The story kept me engaged most of the time, thou my only complain is that some things were very convenient, also I'm okay with Red and Talin's relationship, there's some romance there, but at least it felt more organic than Day and June's in Legend.
It reminded me a lot to Attack on Titan, one of my favorite manga and anime, so if you like that story, give Skyhunter a chance :)