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It looks like a really interesting book and its written by Marie lu so who wouldn't want to read it?!
When i read this book, the beginning was a bit difficult because it was something i had never read before which is a good think. As i got to understand more of the plot and story, i got really invested with everything and i couldnt stop reading. Figuring out about Talins past was such a journey and who she is as a person was flawless and when Red is brought, ugh, i knew it was ment to be. I kept reading and reading, and honestly, i dont know where Marie Lu comes up with this stuff. I was up untill 1 am reading this book and dang was it a plot twist and cliffhanger. I could not stop thinking about it no matter how much ive triend and this book has a speical place in my heart. One of my favorite books and a definite reread. Cant wait to see hwta happens with Red and Talin in the future.