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Talin is a Maran Striker, an elite fighter trained from a young age to kill the Karensa Federation's Ghosts, once humans now twisted into monsters. Talin is a mute refugee from the conquered nation of Basea and was only allowed to join the Strikers because an upper class boy insisted. She may be allowed to live in the Inner City, but her mother must stay in the Outer City slums. When Talin's partner is killed, she struggles and worries if she will be allowed to remain a Striker. Then she saves a Karensan prisoner of war who was meant to be executed. As punishment, Red is forced to become Talin's new partner. In the heat of battle, they discover that Red may be the key to destroying the Federation if Mara's government will allow him to. All things are not as they seem, and as the Federation bears down on Mara, loyalties will be tested and everyone will not survive.