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Here's a fairy tale. Once upon a time a great, powerful and advanced civilization existed. They thought themselves tie top of creation. They could do whatever they thought of doing. They were on the tip of expanding into space. They had become complacent. They were careless. They made a mistake and didn't notice it. It grew and destroyed them. Their population crashed. Their civilization was reduced to ruins. Where once they covered the land from sea to sea, warring tribes now struggled to survive.
In the course of time, new countries sprang up. One of them, the Karensa Federation, decided they were the heirs of the old civilization. They conquered all the other countries except one. This is where our story begins.
Talin is both a refugee and a member of the last free country's elite fighting force. She lost her voice when she fled her home as it fell to Karensa forces. That was not as big a handicap in her new life because the elite fighters did not speak but used sign language in the field.
The elites, called Strikers, captured a Karensa soldier who shows them what Karensa can do and why they think they should run everything. Like lots of authoritarian regimes, they really don't care what they do to people. Expanding on old technology, they turn people into Ghosts, sort of a zombie like monster that is a horrific war "machine" and the main reason why the Strikers don't talk during patrols. You really have to read the book to understand why these creatures are a crime against humanity.
I can't go much more into the plot without all kinds of spoiler alerts, but the Karensa soldier is a new threat and the one hope for Talin and her people and her adopted country to win the war. What is a Skyhunter? How does it fit into the war? Read to find out. You will be surprised.
While this book doesn't end on a cliffhanger, there is another book that will finish this story, and answer the question: will Karensa prevail.