Can't wait to read the sequel :))

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Marie Lu does another amazing job with this dystopian sci-fi! There's found family in this novel with lovable characters that each have a distinct personality and interesting backstories. I love the strength and fortitude our main character Talin has and reading about her close relationship with her mother is heart-warming. Talin does face some discrimination in this book and the themes of racism, colonization, and government corruption are prevalent. The "villain" in this book is another nation called the "Federation" who control these monsters called "ghosts." Reading about them and what they've done is disturbing and interesting. You can see how they've left an imprint on all of the characters. Marie Lu's writing is something that is super easy for me to get into the story and forget that I am actually reading. There are a handful of quotes that leave such an impact as we can see the weight that our main character holds throughout the struggles in this book. I am beyond excited to read the second book, Steelstriker!