Another Great Marie Lu Novel

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Skyhunter is a science fiction novel set in a small nation called Mara that hasn't been taken over by the Federation, a domineering nation with advanced technology that turns people into mutant beasts called ghosts. Following the narrative of Talin who is part of an elite force of warriors that defends Mara, she is well aware of the power of the Federation wields having been refugee who barely escaped them with her mother when she was younger. The capture of a mysterious prisoner presents her with a chance to figure out valuable secrets of the Federation, but Mara's leaders are reluctant to support them when they are already at risk of losing the war. Talin and a few rebellious friends take the mission into their own hands, but the Federation proves more powerful than they thought.

This was an interesting and fun read with some very relevant topics explored such as seeking asylum and refugees a creative world. Talin was a character who didn't speak and communicated through sign language which was really great to see in a character. Having read all of Marie Lu's other novels, I didn't find this one to be quite as strong as some of her other works because the plot was more predictable and the characters weren't as developed as they could have been. Nevertheless, still a wonderful read that was highly enjoyable.