Another Amazing Novel!

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I absolutely love Marie Lu's writing and her ability to create realistic worlds and even more realistic characters that jump off the pages at you. I fell in love with her over her Legend series, and I'm so glad she's written another brilliant series. Mara is one of the last free countries, but that isn't going to stay unless someone fights back against the conquering Karensa Federation's war beasts, also known as Ghosts. Talin is a Striker, one of Mara's elite fighters trained to stop Ghosts. I loved her personality and her stubbornness. She's also mute, which is really amazing to see that representation, especially in sci-fi and fantasy. The forms of communication were really interesting, and I loved what Marie Lu came up with.

After a failed mission and her partner is killed, Talin is paired with a new Striker. I loved the way the friendship between her and Red was slow to develop, but it felt real.

The world-building. It was amazing and there's so much to unpack. But it was incredible and one of the best parts of this book. Lu also touches on topics like racism, and I think it was handled in one of the best ways I've ever seen.

I loved this book and I really need the next one!