An exciting plot executed monotonously

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Skyhunter follows a girl named Talin, a refugee from one of the nations conquered by the brutal Karensa Federation. Now living in Mara, one of the last free nations, she vows to protect the borders of her sanctuary as a Striker, an elite force trained to fight against the mutant war beasts called the Ghosts who were then humans transformed by the Federation to attack the free cities. When one of the beasts took the very person who has her back, Talin now fears she has lost the trust of forces. But when she encounters a prisoner from the war front, she begins to question if this could be the key to ending the reigns of the federation.

Marie Lu wrote this novel with an exciting build on the plot—a power-hungry, ruthless party against brave young warriors. You will be easily hooked into the fictional world of Skyhunter as some elements are analogous to the real world. Talin is a brave character that represents today's youth but she was presented to the audience in a monotonous style of writing. Her intriguing past adds more flavor to her character than the way she presents herself.