Unique and interesting take on Hollywood

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Luli Wei is desperate to make it in Hollywood, but she has some rules of her own; no maids, she’ll play a monster before a maid. But the monsters aren’t the ones onscreen in Hollywood.

This one was good, but a little strange for my tastes. It had a touch of oddness where it seems like it takes place in a realistic world, but then something magical or unrealistic happens. I know a lot of people love whimsy, and would probably love this book but that aspect is not for me. I still enjoyed the story and the main character. It may not be for everyone but some will love it.

“The studio which would try to devour me in a dozen different ways was mine, from the wolves to the pond I would never be able to find again, to the dust that scourged them paint from the signs. It was all mine, and as strange as it was, as dangerous and as odd, that victory seized me and never let me go.”

Siren Queen comes out 5/10.