Hollywood magic

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Loli Wei was a star in the old Hollywood of the studio system where actors belonged to one studio and only made movies for them. The Hollywood system she lives under is highly meshed with magic, dark and deadly magic. If your transcends, then you become a star with all the power and privileges that position provides. If you don't, you risk becoming the next blood sacrifice that keeps the magic alive.
Loli works at her craft, but she is always aware of the costs.
It's a twisty book. Some parts I had to reread to make sure I had the story right. I think you will enjoy it. It's so close to reality, but so far away. The story is presented in memoir form, in the first person. This give you a sort of front row view of the action. There is plenty of action, on screen and off. The Wild Hunt even shows up. But don't give anyone your real true name. Just a warning.
I received the copy of the book I read for this review from the publisher.