Dark and Intriguing

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This wasn't what I expected, which was an old-fashioned Hollywood tale, and that is good. This was so much more than I imagined it might be. A dark fantasy about Hollywood, dark magic underlies every transaction and relationship. Power players are, literally, monsters, in human skins. Contracts aren't just pieces of paper; they're written in and of the body. There is no telling what you will lose if you try to break free, but you'll never be the same again. Luli Wei is willing to sacrifice all to become a star. She's smart and fearless and willing to play the game to get the success she wants. But, she works for monsters, and how does one keep from being eaten alive by those monsters? Luli has to find herself, before she becomes a ghost.

The writing is compelling, the characters well-drawn, the world building believable. Definitely worth reading!