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Sins of the Tribe, written by Mark A. Salter, is a riveting story from the first page to the last. It delves into the life of a football college team student, Wally Hestia, attending the University of Bastille, referred to as "The Tribe." Wally is just an average player, but his brother, Henry, is a talented division one level field goal kicker who needs Wally to succeed. The Tribe has a premier college football team with Coach Oldham as its leader, someone who is a highly respected leader in every aspect of coaching. Intertwined with the brothers is quarterback Dion McAres who is unbelievable at his position, with aspirations of being picked as a top NFL draft pick.

When Wally first enters "The Tribe" he considers it a very respected and desired university to attend, but situations occur that shift his view of the team’s morals and reputation. Key characters - Wally, Henry, the Minister (Wally’s Stepfather), Dion the quarterback, the Professor, Sly Ellington, Coach Dixon, Coach Castritt, and reporter Samantha - bring a lot of interesting perspectives of a university football team striving to be the National Champions at almost any cost.

I found myself really involved in the life happenings of all the characters and wanting to read every spare moment. Without sharing any spoilers, you will want to read this to see the passion of the team and fans, and their team cry, "Tribe Forever."

I received an ARC copy of the book, and all comments and thoughts are my unbiased opinion. Thanks to #bookishfirst #SinsoftheTribe #MarkASalter #GreenleafBookGroupPress