An Engaging Look at College Football

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This book definitely falls into a certain niche of readers, and I'm happy to say that I am one of them! If you are not a fan of football I don't think you will get the same experience reading it than if you are. I am a huge football fan (two college teams and a pro team that I follow religiously) so I could understand the lingo of game day, including the plays called in the huddle and the general workings of the game. I loved that aspect of the book, but there is certainly a segment that would appeal to others that includes the darker side of sports. The book dives into the coverups that occur within universities with regards to academics and conduct of the players. It explores the darker side of the coaches who are the face of the sports program, and how they may not be as they appear in the public eye. I really enjoyed the story of the two brothers, and how their background contributed to their subsequent football life. This book was well written and well characterized. I think it is a win for any football fan, and if you can look past the football jargon and enjoy the characters, it could be appreciated by any reader.