What a Fun Twist to Time Travel!

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When thirty-nine-year-old Maria Forssmann wakes up in her seventeen-year-old body in 1988, she thinks it's just a dream. But soon she finds out that it’s not and she immediately begins to find a way to get back home to her successful job as a psychiatrist, her husband, daughters, and her unborn son in 2010. But she knows that in only a few weeks in 1988, a tragedy will strike her husband, a devastating one that will eventually lead to their meeting.

Can she change the events of the past without building up guilt? She Wouldn't Change a Thing explores the responsibilities of love, the burdens of motherhood, and the impact our choices can have on everyone.

This book was such a captivating read. I would get sucked into it every time I would pick it up and could have honestly read it in one setting had I had the chance. Maria had such a hard decision to make - at one point, I thought I would end up chucking my book across the room at how frustratingly unfair the situation was. However, it felt very real. What is Maria's purpose? How could she possibly choose between this new path in life and her family back in her old one? Can she live with herself after making any of the choices she has before her?

The novel has several flushed out characters and it even gives you a point of view of another character named Jenny. I greatly enjoyed getting to know how everyone was connected. Sarah Adlakha made all of her characters relatable and interesting. I never felt like I was bored with anyone.

The pace is a bit on the slower side and yet still a page turner. Those two things don't usually go together, but it works for this contemplative novel. What in the world would you do in this situation?

I'm still new to the time traveling genre, but if you're willing to give this one a chance, you won't be disappointed! It's really thought-provoking and attention-catching. I can't wait to see what Sarah Adlakha has up next!