what a debut

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What if you had a chance to prevent a terrible tragedy - but had to give up a happy life with a husband you love and two beautiful daughters and a son on the way? Could you do it? f you didn't, could you live with the guilt? Such a terrible situation Maria finds herself in when her 39-year-old self awakens in her 17-year-old body and is still at home with her parents.

This was an emotional story that moved back and forth between lives. There were parts that were beautiful and touching, and others that were difficult and despairing. A really good debut novel for author Sarah Adlakha!!

I definitely went into this book, not thinking about how much I'd love it. It's always books that we don't expect to love, which then become the absolute best surprises when we do read them. I always say don't knock it, if you didn't try it. Try it first, then knock it, if you have to.