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What would you do if you woke up more than two decades younger? Some of us (present company included) would be pretty stoked for a do-over. Maria was not among those people. She loved the life she crafted for herself and her family, and is quite content with her choices. Being thrown back into her teen years is not at all what she'd wanted, certainly not what she expected.

She Wouldn't Change a Thing pulls at the heartstrings as it navigates these incredibly difficult questions. Obviously, the reader cannot help but feel for Maria in this situation, and the author does such a tremendous job of making us feel her despair and trepidation. Not only that, but it makes the reader think long and hard about what we ourselves would do in Maria's shoes. Could you sacrifice everything, everyone you loved, to save one person? Could you even trust yourself, your very sanity, upon traveling back through time? There is so much at stake, but it is so mind-bending that it adds an extra layer to an already tense and emotional situation.

The writing too is gorgeous, and makes Maria's story that much more moving. The author also does a wonderful job of fleshing out even the more minor characters, so every single person's story feels important. I also loved how much the story connects so many different people together, through different time periods. I won't say much else about that, but when you wonder why certain people have chapters in the mix, it absolutely will eventually all make sense to you. Frankly, I could not put this book down, as I was simultaneously invested in Maria's personal story as well as figuring out the mystery of how and why she traveled through time.

Bottom Line: Incredibly moving and thought provoking, She Wouldn't Change a Thing captured me and never let go.

P.S.- My mom loved it too!