Lynda LaPlante, a great author!

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She's Out is the final book in the best-selling 'Widows' series. Dolly Rawlins is out after spending 9 years in prison for the murder of her husband. She had the diamonds that she took off with prior to her being arrested. Upon her release she just wants to get those diamonds, maybe open a home for addicts, women who need help, etc.

But there are people who also want a piece of the pie. Women, all ex-cons who also have dreams and they hope that getting the diamonds from Dolly and getting their revenge at the same time sounds appealing to all of them.

There is another person who wants to put her back in prison, DS Mike Withey whose sister was killed in the diamond raid a decade ago.

So with all of these people laying claim to Dolly, She's Out seems like a good ending to a great trilogy by a very prolific author!