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Just O.K.

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I have read other crime stories by this author and enjoyed them. This one started out okay with Dolly being released from prison. She served time for the murder of her husband, and now she looks forward to locating her multi-million dollar stash of diamonds. The plot supposedly thickens because other female prisoners know about the diamonds. I won't do a spoiler alert because - to be honest- there is not nearly as much suspense to begin with as in other La Plante books. Unfortunately, the book became even less interesting to me as it progressed. I learned after receiving the Bookish ARC of She's Out that this is actually part of a 3-book series which was made into a television series. Although I was not particularly intrigued by this book, I can say that it stands alone as a story. A reader does not have to be familiar with Dolly to understand what is going on in this book.