Sadly, not for me

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Ugh! I hate writing reviews when I dislike a book. Usually I just don't review the book at all and just leave a rating, but since I got this book for the intent of leaving review, I do just that.

When I read a sample of this book, I'll admit, I was intrigued. In the past, billionaire romances have been a hit or miss with me, but the ones I love I LOVED, so I wanted to give this book a try. I wanted to see if the main characters would evolve and become more than what we saw in the sample.

But that never happened. This book read like a bunch of other billionaire stories I read before and I didn't feel like I was reading anything new, or anything that added to the genre in any way. The billionaire, who I honestly forgot's name because I disliked him so much, was an a** and continued to be an ass. He would get excited to see the heroine cry (Which I'm not one to judge a character on what gets their gears started, but it just felt so messed up every time he made her cry and didn't care) and overall, was the typical billionaire trying to nail the innocent woman because she catches his eye for a reason they don't even understand.

I will say, if you like billionaire romances that read fast, and are very steamy, you will probably like this book. This book is just not for me, but please, try and read a sample. You never know! What I don't find my cup of tea might be your next favorite book!