New Favorite Couple

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This is an amazing beginning to a new series! With that being said, it also ends in a cliffhanger...a big cliffhanger! Don't start this one if you are NOT ok with waiting (like me)...I am on the edge of my recliner waiting for book 2...sigh...anyway,

Sebastian Shark is a bit of an A$$....most of the time...until he realizes that he has feelings for the lunch caterer...feelings that he would rather NOT have! Abbigail is not sure why, but she has instant feelings for Sebastian and feels like they could work and become a couple...but something important stands in the way.

This book takes the reader all over the place, but it is an adventure worth reading! The reader will root for Abbigail, wish they could punch Sebastian in the face, but most importantly they will want them to a couple, as friends and most importantly as your next newest favorite book couple!

Don't hesitate to grab this one today (unless you hate cliffhangers, then wait till all 3 are released), but it is worth the read! I am impatiently waiting for the next two!