50 Shades of Shark

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When I read the preview, I knew this would be a quick-paced read and it appeared to be a fairly well written story. However, I feel like many of the more promising aspects, from the preview, never really go anywhere throughout the rest of book 1. The reader is left to believe these unresolved things may be revealed and resolved in follow-up books, but that was not enough for me.

1) There is a very interesting mystery relating to accusations thrown at Mr. Shark (note: this mystery is not resolved).
2) The reader learns that Mr. Shark's sister, his nemesis, etc. all have interesting back stories (note: these are not really explored or fully explained).
3) The writing is cohesive. It does not seem like two authors wrote the book.
4) For readers who enjoy reading about "rounding the bases" or thinking about rounding the bases, that sums up the majority of this book's text.

NOTE: Some plot-point spoilers to follow in the Cons section:
1) I spent much of my time thinking this book read like 50 Shades fan fiction. And yes, I know that would make this piece fan fiction of fanfiction. At any rate, at one point, the book even mentions 50 Shades stating a situation in this story is not like 50 Shades and I could only think it was actually pretty much a mirror image. Many of the similarities between the stories are undeniable in that Shark had a bad childhood, has a saint-like (in his eyes) sibling, has a reputation with girls, goes after a young innocent woman despite always liking "bad" girls, has a need to domineer in all things in life, he does not do relationships, etc. And of course, the virgin goddess is brilliant and talented in her craft, but also apparently lacks a brain in her head. To be more fair, I was not personally a 50 Shades fan so I am biased.
2) In the beginning, I hoped their initial attraction would evolve into a deep relationship, but I do not think that happened. The sequence of events revolved around over the top flirting, sassy and inappropriate boss/employee remarks, spilling your guts about feelings that don't make sense because they are strangers, and then to an inevitable conclusion of sorts. But do they ever actually talk about anything other than their desire for one another and deep rooted secrets?
3) Mr. Shark needs some deep therapy and anger management classes ASAP.

If you loved 50 Shades or books like that series, gives this a try. There really is a pretty interesting mystery that will surely be resolved in future books.

If you are not a fan of books like 50 Shades, you should either go in with beach read expectations or give this one a pass.