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This was adorable. I enjoyed that we didn't have to wait too long for them to really get together.

Splitting the POV was also a terrific move, and adding the POV of the moms was a hilarious little treat.

This was full of swoonworthy moments, laugh out loud jokes and scenes that put a little smile on my face.

In full disclosure, I got a copy of this book from bookish first, but it was on my radar even before then. The cover is perfect, and I loved all the Korean culture mentions.

I was rooting for Hannah and Jacob the whole time, and even Nate eventually got a small redemption even if he was a pain most of the time.

There was some teen appropriate steam that went along with the book, and some important conversations about sex, forgiveness and second chances.

Perfect for classroom libraries and for anyone looking for a second chance romance for young adults.