A cute YA romance

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It’s the summer before senior year and Hannah’s boyfriend has just broken up with her because he doesn’t think they have anything in common. He loves K-pop and K-dramas and Hannah has never embraced that part of her Korean identity. Her childhood best friend, Jacob, is the star of a K-drama and is visiting from Korea for the summer. They haven’t seen each other in years and had a falling out after he moved away. How will Hannah cope with having Jacob back in her life? Will she win her boyfriend back?

SEOULMATES is a quick and cute YA childhood friends-to-lovers read. I liked the premise of the story. Having virtually no knowledge of K-pop or K-drama culture, I appreciated that the author gave snippets of info that helped a reader such as myself have a better handle on important aspects. I did find some of the dialogue to feel awkward and the character development a bit lacking.

Overall, SEOULMATES was a good read for a YA romance.