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I’m going to lead by saying that I’ve already read this book so I’ll be back soon to share my reviews. This review is based on the excerpt.
Hannah and Jacob used to be best friends before he very suddenly moved out of the country and they lost touch. Hannah does not want to see him. She is upset when she hears that Jacob and his family are coming to stay with their family for the summer. Hannah had already planned to dedicate her summer to getting her ex boyfriend back. She had thought they were happy but their differences separated them. Ironically, her ex boyfriend is really into k-dramas and Hannah has 0 interest. This is ironic because Jacob is actually a famous k-pop star now, people also tend to treat Hannah like it’s weird thar she doesn’t embrace her Korean side.
I’m going to stop here because this excerpt stops around the time Jacob and his family solidify their plans to spend the summer with Hannah’s family.