"Send Her Back and Other Stories"

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"Send Her Back and Other Stories" by Munashe Kaseke is another book from Mukana Press, which did such a good job with the short-story anthology "The Newlyweds' Window: The 2022 Mukana Press Anthology of African Writing." Since "mukana" means "opportunity" in the Shona language of Southern Africa, it's great to be a part of reading new stories by authors in search of an audience.

Munasha Kaseke isn't featured in the anthology, and it's interesting to come across her own work, focused on Zimbabwe immigrants' lives in the United States. It's impossible to live in the United States, as either an immigrant or a "native" and not feel and experience the problem of rampant hatred in this country, as private interests market and sell hate as a means to divide us and profit from us. Kaseke's characters respond with wit and insight as they try to make sense of their new country.