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The sixteen narratives in this collection are all told from the perspective of a woman of Zimbabwean descent who has emigrated to the United States in order to live a better life for their family. A variety of voices are used as they tell the stories, and they don't shy away from the difficulties of living in the state as an immigrant and as a member of the BIPOC community. There is no doubt that this is a book that everyone should read. In my opinion, these stories are excellently written, and at least a couple of them are going to stay with me for quite some time to come. This first novel by Munashe Kaseke is an exquisite piece of work as it is beautifully written. While it does have a few depressing and oppressive overtones, this is still a solid offering that was highly heartwarming. The future holds a lot of promise for this author's works and I look forward to seeing them.