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Secrets So Deep is an atmospheric paranormal thriller about seventeen-year-old Avril, whose mother drowned at Whisper Cove theater. According to local legend, a ghost/woman in the ocean drew her mother into the water and to her death with her whispers. Although authorities have ruled her mother’s death as an accident, Avril has her own suspicions. She doesn’t believe in the ghost story, but she does have some odd memories of that fateful night. So when she has the opportunity to return to Whisper Cover for a theater camp, she determines to figure out what really happened that night to her mother. I absolutely love a summer camp setting because it automatically lends itself to a fun yet creepy atmosphere, which was perfect for this book. It was full of mystery, twists, and eeriness that really drew me into the story. However, there were a lot of dream-like, paranormal scenes that made the book more confusing at times rather than adding to the mystery, which I think was the intention. Still, I enjoyed the book!