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Fast paced thriller

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A mysterious murder took place in the paradise, and Pono won’t stop until he finds out who did it - and why they did it. The result is a fast-paced thriller, with political corruption, sexual intrigues, and many lies. The story is told in the first person, by the veteran and Hawaiian surfer Pono Hawkins, that gets involved in it by accident after discovering the body of a beautiful journalist that was presumed drowned in the beach. But further investigation reveals that there’s more into that, and he won’t stop until he finds out the truth. Even though the story is nice, I felt a lack of connection to the character in some moments. And I really didn’t think they had to do something bad to the animals - although the redemption at the end was kind of funny. Overall, it is a nice thriller story, that will keep you hooked until the very end before you can learn who did it, how, and why.