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Takes no prisoners

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I absolutely loved this book. Nikki is everything I ever wanted to be. Hard, gritty, a bada**, take no prisoners kind of woman. I’m a motorcycle riding book lover too, although I’ll never be a kick everyone’s a*s in a 50 mile radius kind of awesome like she is. The plot for this book was amazing too, right from the beginning, everything you think you know about where this story is going is absolutely wrong. We get to see Nikki’s softer side too, with a man she meets who is hesitant to trust where their romance is going because every time he sees her, she’s a little more battered than the time before. Her struggle with her brother and his addictions brings her home in a way that makes her real and relatable too. I’m really glad to see that this is just the Nikki Griffin #1 book, because I can’t wait to immerse myself in her world again.