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I like Nikki

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May this be the start of a long and interesting series. I like Nikki Griffin. I like her a lot.
Nikki is a girl with a big chip on her shoulder. She was unable to stop her parent's murder. Of course, what could a 12 year old do against two armed men? Still, she felt angry. She and her younger brother went into foster care, where an attitude is very not helpful. Nikki got lucky. Her last foster father recognized her trouble and took her to his gym, where boxing both gave her a release for her feelings and helped her learn to control herself. She believes in proportional response. Wave a knife in her face and she will break your hand. Shoot at her and all bets are off.
She owns a used bookstore. She has an invitation book group whose members are all women who picked the wrong man. She does a little private investigation work on the side. One of her jobs seems simple. Follow a woman suspected of stealing company secrets and report on who she meets. Only the woman gets killed and Nikki needs to find the man who killed her. The action flows from there and ends up in a potential human rights catastrophe.
This is a very readable book and I enjoyed reading it.