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A bit confused...

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I really liked Nikki and that's probably the one thing I really liked about the book. We don't find out why she chose her "other" career path or what tragedy happened in her childhood until nearer the end of the book. By day she is a used bookstore owner (I love how much she loved books and reading and the reason she did) but by night she follows cheats and liars. She is tough as nails, knows how to defend herself really well, has a smart head on her shoulders, and cares very deeply for her only family-her brother.
The big part of the story was a little confusing at times. There's a CEO from a tech company that hires her to follow a woman they say has stolen from the company and that's all I can say for sure.
All I know for sure is that anyone who gets in the way tend to not be alone for very long.